Our Vision

Our Vision

Our vision is for the building to be used all year round, providing a broad range of facilities and services for the people of Crewe and surrounding area. The adapted site will serve many roles in the community but will primarily centre around the following:


  1. A provision of activities for young people
  2. Dedicated space and services to the homeless
  3. Services for the unemployed
  4. Restaurant and catering facilities
  5. An entertainment venue and visitor attraction
  6. A meeting place for local community groups

“For Flag Lane Baths to once again become a source of huge civic pride for the local community”

We need £3.5 million to make this vision a reality

We have submitted our proposal to Cheshire East Council and they, in their capacity as landowner for the Flag Lane Baths site, are pleased to support us in developing the project further.

However our initial preparatory work has found that with the building in its current state, will take £3.5 million to bring our plans to fruition. Our strategy is to source the required funds from these three areas:

  • Corporate Support – reaching out to local organisations for contributions whether that be in monetary terms or utilising their resources
  • Community Engagement & Fundraising – donations and income generated from the local community through events and activities
  • Grants from Trusts & Foundations – approaching groups who specialise in supporting regeneration initiatives

Why Flag Lane Baths

The Art Deco listed building has a rich and proud history. Opened in 1937 it enjoyed a lavish and grand inauguration, and was a source of great civic pride until its closure in 2016. Since then the building has fallen into a terrible state of disrepair, which has caused significant frustration amongst the local community and the many who were part of its history.

We want to preserve the heritage of the building and keep alive the memories of many generations of Crewe residents. 

Flag Lane, Crewe CW2 &QX

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